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October 26-28th, 2018
Metro Toronto Convention Center
co-hosted at Art Toronto

Collector Preview – October 25th, 6-10 pm

Hektor Projects presents –

New work responding to the theme of Editions by eight artists including Laura Hudspith, Juliet Di Carlo, Luca Soldovieri, Rachel Burns, Brody Weaver, Alexis Vo, Sophia Oppel, and Toko Hosoya.

Amarus Ends, 2018

Resin and Acrylic
Edition of 10

While the creation of multiples through the process of moulding and casting forms the foundation of Laura Hudspith’s installation-based practice, works in series or edition are uncommon. Thus, new work by the artist titled Amarus Ends, responds to the theme of 3/e Editions Toronto in the creation of a sculptural still life that separates into an edition of ten, each object compositionally unique. Hudspith’s 2018 stilled work carries the same duality that marks the genre’s history, both subversive and indifferent. 

Strewn haphazardly across a mirrored plane lays the remnants of an extravagant meal left to fester. An assortment of emptied oysters sit piled, their little spills and dribbles marking the surface below. The entrée’s exhausted accoutrements dot the scene. Lemon wedges, pinched rinds and tiny utensils are scattered about; a drunk cocktail stands as tall as the mound, another, broken and spilling its dregs into the array; cigarettes, butted out post-meal into the husks. A small pile of maraschino stems from a manhattan overstuffed, provides a clue towards the title of the work. Each object makes its materiality known–clear resin derived from the pressure of millennia–oysters cast in wretched permanence see their reflection below in refracted light.