'things fall into place' digital exhibition postcard image

things fall into place

a collaborative still life installation by Laura Hudspith & Nicholas Zirk.

Red Gate Gallery
1965 Main St.
Vancouver, BC

on view:
August 1 - 15th

opening reception:
Thursday, August 1st
7:00 - 10:00 pm

Sharing a studio for the last four years, Hudspith and Zirk have seen the other’s influence develop in their recent work; colourways, content and overall temperament have begun to overlap. Based on their shared interest in the still life genre, the artists have begun to synthesize their respective practices as July guest residents at the James Black Gallery. ‘things fall into place’ is the product of this collaboration culminating here at Red Gate Gallery as an immersive installation. A collection of found objects and cast facsimiles composed and stacked across varied interconnected surfaces, as well as paintings in the round and drawn symbols expand the genre of still life.
Working in response to their change in environment, their process began with objects, images and materials collected around the Lower Mainland. Through their installation, the artists hope to play with perspective and reductivity to examine the meanings we make through the objects that we keep. Meanwhile, stage-like structures are reminiscent of contemporary photography and the still life genre’s renaissance as a consumer culture motif, while others echo the architectural elements of the gallery space.

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GIFC – TORONTO + Worldwide

Gallery o-o LA’s traveling group exhibition series ‘Got it for Cheap’ 2019. This year,
GIFC will be presenting work from 750+ international artists during the following events:

February 16&17 at The Costume House in Toronto
165 Geary Ave, 2nd Floor, Unit A

February 16&17 at The Costume House in Toronto, CDN 
February 23rd Velvet Ropes at Showhouse Jay Jay in Antwerp, Belgium 
February 26-27th GIFC at Agnes B Headquarter in Paris, France
March 10th GIFC at The Hole NYC in New York, NY 
March 31st GIFC at Soil Gallery in Seattle, WA
April 6th GIFC at Western Exhibitions in Chicago, IL
April GIFC at DATELINE in Denver, CO
May 25th GIFC at Elephant Gallery in Nashville, TN
July GIFC/Velvet Ropes at Pt. 2 in Oakland, CA 
August 17&18 at Galleri Golsa in Oslo, Norway

GIFC 2019 - Laura Hudspith - 12 single edition digital offset prints.

Works Included in Upcoming GIFC Shows:

12 Single Edition, digital offset prints – including prints from works such as Low Hanging Fruit [Cornucopia], 2017 and Amarus Ends, 2018, as well as video stills from videoworks On The Table, 2017, and Peach’s Peaches, 2018.