2013     BFA, Concordia University, Montreal, QC


2018     Roundtable Residency Catalogue 2013-2018; to be launched at 3/e Edition Toronto in conjunction with Art Toronto, October 26-28th, 2018.


2018     Pink Champagne, WRECK CITY Residency Final Exhibition at Radio City, Calgary, AB, Canada
             Solo Exhibition
2018     Lorem Ipsum, This Month Only, Toronto
             Solo Exhibition
2018     Salon #3; Laura Hudspith and Nicholas Zirk, À Côté Studios, Toronto
              Duo Exhibition curated by François Côté
2017     DRIVE-IN, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto
              Video Screening curated by Marianne and Dario Katzman
2017     DRIVE-THRU, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto
             Group Exhibition curated by Marianne Katzman
2017     TL;DR, Project Gallery, Toronto
             Solo Exhibition         
2016     This is What Makes Our Guts so Vibrant, Femme Wave, TRUCK Contemporary Art, Calgary
             Group Exhibition curated by Dana Buzzee
2016     Lacunae, Project Gallery Studios, Toronto
             Solo Exhibition
2015     Once Removed, Interaccess Gallery, Toronto
             Group Exhibition curated by Brandon A. Dalmer
2015     Two by Two: Small-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Biennial, EWU Gallery of Art, WA USA
             Biennial curated by Timea Tihanyi
2014     Dialogue: Roundtable, Dragon Academy, Toronto
             Roundtable Residency Exhibition
2014     Manifold, L’Atelier Bovril, Montreal
             Group Exhibition curated by Laura Hudspith
2013     Graduating Student’s Exhibition, FOFA Gallery, Montreal
             Group Exhibition curated by Jake Moore
2013     Still Standing, Entrée des Artistes, Montreal
             Juried Group Exhibition
2013     Approximate, VAV Gallery, Montreal
             Juried Group Exhibition
2012     You’re Fired, Lilian Rodriguez Gallery, Montreal
             Group Exhibition curated by Lilian Rodriguez
2012     Material Culture, VAV Gallery, Montreal
             Juried Group Exhibition
2011     Material Flux, Galerie Rye, Montreal
             Juried Group Exhibition
2011     Beauty in Obsession, Art Matters Festival, Galerie Rye, Montreal
             Group Exhibition curated by Hania Souleiman
2011     Go Figure, VAV Gallery, Montreal
             Juried Group Exhibition


2018     WRECK CITY, Calgary, AB, Canada
2014     Red Lodge Clay Center, Red Lodge, MT, United States of America
2014     The Roundtable Residency, Toronto, ON, Canada


2018     Visual Artists Creation Project Grant – Ontario Arts Council
2013     Irene F. Whittome Prize in Studio Arts; Highest recognition for a graduating student in Fine Arts – Concordia University
2011      Retired Faculty and Staff Scholarship – Concordia University


2015–2018      Roundtable Residency, Toronto – Board of Directors
2015                 Ten.A.City, Toronto. Emerging artist mentorship program – Co-Founder & Director
2014                  Manifold, L’Atelier Bovril, Montreal – Co-Curator with Simone Blain
2011                  Material Flux, Galerie Rye, Montreal – Exhibition Director


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Works held in the Ceramics Area Permanent Teaching Collection at Concordia University, Montreal, and in private collections in both Canada and the United States.